When You Get 3 Rolls Of One-Inch Fiber Fix Today, We'll Throw In 2 Rolls of Two-Inch and 1 Roll of Four-Inch FOR FREE!
When You Get 3 Rolls Of One-Inch Fiber Fix Today, We'll Throw In 2 Rolls of Two-Inch and 1 Roll of Four-Inch FOR FREE!
We take the stress out of nursing school.
Reduce your study time and elevate your grades in just 28 seconds! 
Featured In:
"I've seen my grades shoot through the roof and the time I've spent studying has literally cut in half."
Murse Clyde
When You Join NRSNG Academy™ -- You Can Expect:
EVERYTHING You Need To Improve Your Grades, Decrease Your Study Time, And Say Goodbye To Overwhelm In Nursing School
  •  Improved Grades
  • Better Understanding of Difficult Subjects
  • Confidence You Will Pass
  •  Decreased Stress
  •  Decreased Overwhelm
  •  Less Wasted Time
  •  More Focused Study
  •  Supportive Community
Powerful Features, Simplified
Confidence and Clarity in Nursing School was Never so easy
2,500+ Nursing Study Tools and References (throw everything else away)
120+ Nursing Care Plans
Prepared by practicing ED & ICU nurses, this is what you will really see on the floor.
200+ NRSNG Cheatsheets
Quick reference nursing cheatsheets.  View, download, print, or save to your favorites.
5 Best-Selling NRSNG Books
140 Must Know Meds, 108 Nursing Mnemonics, Nursing Assessment, Nursing Case Studies, Medical Terminology.  Search and read right from your account.
1,000+ Nursing Flashcards
Sort and review by topic.  You can even print flashcards.
400+ Medical Images
View medical images for disease processes and procedures you are studying.
150+ Nursing Mnemonics
Memory aids to help you learn concepts.  Search, review, master, and favorite.
75+ Pathocharts™
Disease specific cheatsheets  (visual care plans).  Search, favorite, download, print.
30+ Nursing Case Studies
Real world nursing case studies written by ED & ICU nurses.  Download and print.
350+ MP3 Audio Lectures
High quality MP3 audio files.  Listen to nursing lectures anytime/anywhere.
585+ On Demand HD Video Lectures
16 Fully Loaded Nursing Courses
There's a course for you, no matter where you're at in your journey.
    HD Video Lessons
    Highly visual HD on-demand video lessons with amazing playback features.
    • Adjust playback speed
    •  Full screen view
    •  Visual and engaging lectures
    Study Plan Playlist
    Quick access to your study plan from the classroom.  Lessons from your study plan appear on top in the classroom.
    Courses Included
    •  Cardiac
    •  EKG
    •  Fundamentals 
    •  GI/GU
    •  Hematology / Oncology / Immunology
    • Integumentary
    •  Lab Values
    •  Nursing Pharmacology
    •  Mental Health
    •  Metabolic / Endocrine
    •  Musculoskeletal
    •  Neuro
    •  OB
    •  Pediatrics
    •  Respiratory
    •  Test Taking
    Feature Rich Nursing Question Bank
    Nursing Practice Questions (NPQ™)
    4,500+ NCLEX® style questions with fully customizable quizzes.
    • Detailed rationales
    •  Global rank
    •  Select test length
    •  Select test categories
    •  Detailed statistics on 21 categories
    Fully computer adaptive NCLEX® simulator. Mimics the look, feel, and algorithms of the actual NCLEX®.
    • Computer adaptive
    •  Adjusts to you
    •  Detailed test results
    •  Looks like the real deal
    Study Plan Questions
    NCLEX® style practice questions based on your personalized study plan.
    • Review past results
    •  Create customized quizzes
    •  Master study topics
    If There Was an Award for "Most Amazing Nursing Study Tool" We'd Win!
    Concise Lesson Outlines
    Clear and concise lessons outlines based on the "Must Know" information. Includes downloadable video guide.
    One-Click Lesson Resources
    Links to NRSNG Academy™ resources on the lesson topic.  One simple click away. 
    Lesson Quizzes
    Test your knowledge on the topic while you watch the video. Includes detailed rationales.
    Patient Stories
    Watch a real patient recount their journey with the disease process.
    Playlist Navigation
    Super simple study plan playlist navigation form within the lesson.
    Rapid Lesson Selection
    Finding lessons is fast and easy.  Time saving is the name of the game!
    Your "Home Base" Inside NRSNG Academy™
    • A: One click access to the private NRSNG Academy™ FB Group
    • A: Click on the Life Preserver to access the Help Center
    • B: Edit your Personalized Study Plan (28 Seconds is all it takes)
    • C: Simple and fast navigation
    • D: Search the entire NRSNG Academy™

    •  E: Manage your account or access the "Help Center"
    •  F: Random practice question to keep you sharp
    •  G: View your overall study plan progress
    •  H: Quickly study resources from your study plan
    •  I: Chat with support at any time
    Meet the Core Content Mastery Method™, the "Brain" behind NRSNG Academy™ 
    Study Anytime -- Anywhere* with NRSNG Academy™
    NRSNG Academy  Harnesses 2,500+ Library resources so you never have to feel like you're wasting time again.  Study flashcards while waiting in line, review cheatsheets while in clinical . . . right from your phone!
    *While technically you COULD study NRSNG Academy GO! on the toilet . . . do you REALLY wanna be THAT student?!?!?!
    2,500+ Nursing Study Tools
    iPhone & Android
    Anywhere Your Phone Goes*
    You're Part of the Family -- We Love to Talk
    Help Center
    NRSNG Academy Reviews
    what do experienced nurses think?
    If I had the resources of NRSNG when I went to nursing school back in 2007, I would have had a vastly different experience. . . I also deeply appreciate the fact that NRSNG enables the student to begin preparing for the NCLEX on the first day of school, not the last. . .The NRSNG Academy is what's missing from nursing education! The first thing any nursing student should get after they receive their nursing school acceptance letter is sign up for the NRSNG Academy and take the Test Taking Course. You'll be ahead of the game your first day of class. 
    Kati Kleber BSN, RN, CCRN
    Nurse Author, Blogger, Podcaster and Speaker at FreshRN.com
    One of the most difficult parts of my job as a nurse educator is trying to help my students decipher what is need to know information vs. nice to know information. NRSNG.com has a ton of resources to help guide students' preparation to focus on the most critical content . . . I highly recommend checking out all that NRSNG has to offer. I promise you will not be disappointed!
    Carmen Corder RN, BSN, MSN, CCRN
    Associate Professor of Nursing, Jackson, TN
    I found the NRSNG site from some of my students last year. My students were raving about it. I started to look and I am very impressed with the information and the Friday Freebies. As I looked into the NRSNG Academy, I could tell this could be a great help for students . . . Thank you, Jon, for your hard work and vision.
    Debra Tweedy MSN, RN, CLE
    Sim Lab Coordinator, Nursing Faculty CSU System
    what do Students think?
    NRSNG Academy is the perfect combination of everything a nursing student needs. I've learned how to answer NCLEX-style nursing questions (which improved my test grades). The lessons allow me to focus and understand content better. I have access to mnemonics, flashcards, and cheat sheets. Also, I get the support of the NRSNG community including other NRSNG members as well as Jon Haws and his team. They are there to answer questions and motivate. NRSNG Academy is worth every dollar spent and more!
    McKenzie, SN
    I feel completely abandoned by my school and instructors. Without NRSNG I would not be finishing my first year with a 4.0 GPA and a 1197 and 1065 on my semester HESIs. This is a solid program that gives you the meat and potatoes you need in a simplified form to be successful every step of the way.
    Robin, SN
    NRSNG has been a lifesaver in class! Providing the cheat sheets and extra explanations has made all the difference in my nursing school experience! Currently rocking a 4.0 and with the continuous help of NRSNG i hope to graduate with one too!
    Alexandra, SN
    •  Lifetime Access Not Included 
    •   $1 Unlimited 3-Day Trial
    •  $29 Billed Monthly
    •  Cancel Anytime  
    •  NRSNG Academy™ Courses 
    •   Testing Center - NPQ, SIMCLEX™
    •   NRSNG Academy Library 
    •   NRSNG Academy - Mobile App
    •   Personalized Study Plans and Dashboard
    •   Private Facebook Group
    •  Bonus #1: Access to Updates
    •  Bonus #1: Unlimited SIMCLEX™ Tests
    • Bonus #2: 200% Money Back Guarantee
    •  Lifetime Access After 9 Payments
    •  $1 Unlimited 3-Day Trial
    •  9 Monthly Installments of $49 - then LIFETIME ACCESS
    •   Cancel Anytime  
    •   NRSNG Academy™ Courses 
    •   Testing Center - NPQ, SIMCLEX™
    •   NRSNG Academy Library 
    •   NRSNG Academy - Mobile App
    •   Personalized Study Plans and Dashboard
    •   Private Facebook Group
    •   Bonus #1: Access to Updates
    •   Bonus #2: Unlimited SIMCLEX™ Tests
    •   Bonus #3: 200% Money Back Guarantee
    200% Money Back Guarantee 
    We are so confident that the NRSNG Academy will help you reach your goals, that if you use the NRSNG Academy for 3 months, take 3 SIMCLEX exams, and do not pass the NCLEX®, we will pay you back 200% the cost of your membership. It's our job to make sure you pass . . .
    Common Questions -- and Answers
    Who should use NRSNG Academy?
    Anyone who wants clear and concise learning without the fluff. Our focus is nursing students, but the Academy is great for pre nurses and experienced nurses. Our unique teaching method combined with our enormous resources library tied to propriatary algorithms insures that you learn EXACLTY WHAT you need to learn EXACTLY HOW you like to learn.
    Does NRSNG Academy work for LPNs?
    Absolutely! The NRSNG Academy works for RNs, LPNs, NPs, MDs, . . . you name it! NRSNG Academy is catered to you. 
    What if I only need it for a few months?
    No problem. The monthly payment option can be canceled at any time. If you do cancel your account, you keep access for the reminader of your current billng cycle. However, if you make 9 monthly payments, you automatically get LIFETIME access . . . how cool is that?!?!
    How does the 200% guarantee work?
    You've only got to do two things (that's it!)

    1) Use the NRSNG Academy for 3 months
    2) Take SIMCLEX 3 Times

    We want you to pass . . . we are 200% confident this is the best way.

    If you’ve done that, and didn’t pass your first time, just email us at contact@nrsng.com, and we’ll make sure to have 200% of your purchase price.  All you need to do is send us a picture of your test report. 
    Do you offer enterprise memberships?
    Yes, we do offer enterprise level access to schools and hospitals. NRSNG Academy is used by nursing schools, Chiropractic schools, EKG Tech programs, LPN programs and other allied health programs. To learn more and get in touch with our enterprise sales team, send us an email at: contact@nrsng.com
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